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We repair all types of flat roofing and only use top quality products to ensure a long lasting, great looking finish.
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D.S. ROOFING Cumbria Ltd offer a wide range of GRP FIBREGLASS, in a choice of styles, sizes and colours to suit any building and house.

GRP fibreglass flat roofing is the proven solution to problems associated with flat roofs. GRP laminate can be installed to any size and is the best option for a flat roof with many years life.

A GRP FIBREGLASS roof is a single-ply GRP laminate applied in situ over a good quality conditioned plywood or OSB deck. The roof is finished with pre-formed GRP edge trims and a coat of pre-pigmented topcoat.The durability and lightweight properties of GRP make it the ideal construction material for applications as diverse as lorry aerofoils and roofs, boats, ponds and automotive body panels.
GRP is also used in hostile industrial settings for applications such as tanks and underground pipes; this is due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and its resistance to chemicals.
It is often used on small domestic installations, but usually fails prematurely when used on larger scale projects. As well as being an inexpensive material, it is robust, inflexible and will never corrode.


D.S. ROOFING Cumbria Ltd offer a wide range of FELT ROOFING, in a choice of styles and colours to suit any building and house.
Roofing felt (similar to tar paper) is the base material used to make roof shingles and roll roofing.
Used for decades as waterproof coverings in residential and commercial roofs, these bitumen compositional membranes incorporate two layers:

The first underside polymer membrane is used as a solid background, often reinforced with glass fibers. Mineral granules make up the self-protective top layer, with a final bituminous mixture encapsulating them both.

Typical uses of felt roofing are as an underlay beneath other building materials, particularly roofing and siding materials, and is one type of membrane used in asphalt built up roofing (BUR) systems.  Also, the rapid application of roofing underlay protects the roof deck during construction until the roofing material is applied and is required for roofs required to meet Underwriters Laboratory (UL) fire ratings.
The separation of the roof covering from the roof deck protects the roof covering from resins in some sheathing materials and cushions unevenness and old nails and splinters in re-roofing applications.
The underlayment also sheds water, which penetrates the roof covering from an ordinary leak, a leak from wind-driven rain or snow, wind damage to the roof covering, or ice dams. However, the application of underlays may increase the roof temperature, which is the leading cause of ageing of asphalt shingles and felt paper wrinkles when it gets wet, which (rarely) shows through asphalt shingles.


D.S. ROOFING Cumbria Ltd offer a wide range of EPDM RUBBER ROOFING, in a choice of styles, sizes and colours to suit any building and house.

EPDM is a really good option and a good choice for larger area or small roofs with no detail, it’s good for green roofs and looks really good when it’s fitted by professionals like us.

(EPDM) is a synthetic rubber most commonly used in single-ply roofing because it is readily available and simple to apply.
Seaming and detailing has evolved over the years and is fast, simple and reliable with many membranes including factory applied tape, resulting in a faster installation. The addition of these tapes has reduced labour by as much as 75%.
It is a low-cost membrane, but when properly applied in appropriate places, its warranted life-span has reached 30 years and its expected lifespan has reached 50 years.

There are three installation methods:

Mechanically attached:, and
Fully adhered:

Ballasted roofs: are held in place by large round stones or slabs. Mechanically attached: roof membranes are held in place with nails and are suitable in some applications where wind velocities are not usually high. A drawback is that the nails penetrate the waterproof membrane; if correctly fastened the membrane is "self-gasketing" and will not leak.
Fully adhered: installation methods prove to give the longest performance of the three methods.The most advanced EPDM has been combined with a polyester fleece backing and fabricated with a patented hot-melt adhesive technology which provides consistent bond strength between the fleece backing and the membrane. This has resulted in largely eliminating shrinkage of the product, whilst still allowing it to stretch up to 300% and move with the building through the seasons.
This thermoset polymer is known for long-term weathering ability and can withstand fluctuations in temperature and ultraviolet rays. They can also be great energy savers.

Enjoy total peace of mind thanks to our products coming with a 10 years manufacturers warranty and our expert craftsmanship.


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